Odoo Integration for your small and medium size enterprises

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Sep 27 2021 04:50

connect industry with odoo

When having a small or medium-sized business, one of the fundamental driving forces that an organization requires is great enterprise resource planning software- so that’s where Odoo comes in! Odoo is a complete end-to-end system in which it can participate in all functions through its designated modules of operations.  Odoo is one complete business management software that was designed for today’s needs.

Take any industry from water to warehousing Odoo will comply with each one. The constant struggles are generally regarding the disorganization of systems and how all of the departments need to be interconnected harmoniously.

An ERP software provides real-time results, which if not in place can cause problems for multiple types of industries.  The implementation of ERP solutions like Odoo opens the doors to efficiency as well as consistency.

The software has multiple business management features with over twenty thousand supporting add-ons! Comstar-ISA supports its clients in the best way possible in all regards to Odoo implementation. The significance of Odoo Integration is its premium customization to any organization’s needs. These customizations can be made on the following modules;

Invoicing:  This feature encompasses all kinds of other sectors of a business from accounting, sales, e-commerce, POS, field service and all other supporting modules of operations. Invoicing helps in the transparency of the organization.

CRM:  A CRM is a backbone for any organization it strings all internal matters as tightly as possible. The Odoo CRM is completely customizable to your company needs and requirements.

Sales:  Sales features overlooks all sale operations of your organization and entails sales quotations, sales descriptions, transactions and real-time time codes.

E-commerce: If your company is completely digital, e-commerce is vital for your business growth and development- Odoo is here to support all those needs. The Odoo platform sells products as well as manages the operations with various functional tools and operations options available.
Manufacturing: Provides complete management tool for the manufacturing operations of the company. You will get a start to end detailed report of all things regarding the product development process.

These are the very basic features that Comstar-ISA looks into- to see the full range contact a support staff member to learn more! Odoo is software designed for those who expect quality and sophistication in their systems. As Odoo gold partners, Comstar-ISA focuses on essential action items; understand the client brief, design a perfect ERP system, execute to perfection!

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