Structured Cabling System Provides A Comprehensive Networking Infrastructure

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Nov 29 2019 05:00

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CommScope operates in infrastructure, provides solutions and makes products that amalgamate sophisticated technology with connectivity. It makes communication, fast, easy and efficient. Its products are cost-effective, modular, easy to install and maintain. It provides strong network connections on ground, in buildings and through the air. CommScope operates in key sectors: Internet of Things, Seamless Connectivity, and 5G implementation. In this article, I will discuss three unique products of CommScope.

Copper Cabling Solutions Category 6A Cabling delivers 10 Gbps speed without taking any increased airflow and rack space. It minimizes alien cross talk by giving optimum, high-performance. It’s efficient and effective as compared to its competitors because its cables are not twisted-paired-cables.

It also has ‘ceiling connector assemblies’ which are converged with IT networks. Copper Cabling makes numerous devices to get connected and deployed in the ceiling. Also, it helps in the wired connectivity of wi-fi access points, IP cameras, LED lighting and other wireless systems.

Fiber Cable Assemblies consist of patch cords, pigtails, fiber distribution assemblies, drop cable assemblies, MPO cable assemblies, reference test assemblies, and other complex cable assemblies and duplex patch cords.

Box Accessories and Faceplate box accessories help in manufacturing and designing of workstation platforms to meet your network requirements. CommScope offers box components and Faceplate which makes the identification process for outlets easier through the use of protective dust covers and label holders.

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