Ten Upcoming Fantastic New Features in Odoo 14

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Sep 18 2020 11:00

unveiling in odoo experience

Odoo ERP is an automated and integrated cloud-based solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and their issues related to online business management. Most unique features of Odoo include its adaptability, customizability, and scalability. These remarkable features make Odoo effective in the long run where Odoo is flexible enough to take care of all upcoming business opportunities. For instance, from delving into sales numbers, marketing, accounting, HR, and procurement to keeping track of fleet services, and data analysis tools with customer reviews and communication—Odoo ERP thoroughly encompasses all these features.

In this blog, we explain ten new exciting features of Odoo 14 version. They will be announced in Odoo Experience 2020. Let’s discuss what seem to be the most significant changes.

1.    Dynamic Approval Methods (makes it more advanced and updated).
2.    Count Down Widget (calculating your time and viewing important deadlines).
3.    New Reporting Tool (with more sophistication and insightful data analysis).
4.    Chart Snippet (with catchy visuals and easy-to-understand statistical tools).
5.    PoS Loyalty and Sales Coupons (to keep long-lasting, cordial relations with clients).
6.    Auto Pop-up Snippet (with new backgrounds and editing tools).
7.    Product Catalog Snippet (explaining each product in detail with more visual features).
8.    Price List Report (for all products and better comparisons).
9.    Emojis Widget (emojis access to add some fun).
10.    Enhanced View (to keep track of all business activities with details).

These fantastic ten features make Odoo 14 go one step ahead in the online business world. Way to go, Odoo!

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