Design at the basic level is constructing an image, object, system or project. It has diverse meanings in different fields.  Team ISA (Comstar) focuses on creativity and art in our designs, with a view to meet or exceed client standards. Our designers are experienced creative maestros, producing eye-catching images/products/brand for a “Wow” effect.

We Create Designs For:

Web Design: Self-defining and user-friendly interfaces for your website to enhance user experience and user stick (time spent on a website) time. 

Logo Designs: Our Logo designs convey your story and objectives in an attractive graphical design. 

Brochures and other Graphical Designs: Brochure, flyers, posters with out of the box designs that will meet your standards and fulfill delivery of your message succinctly to your targeted audience.

Designers of  ISA (Comstar) possesses expertise in all the above-listed design areas and have proven experience, that enables them to work within your customized criteria and resulting in creating exceptional designs.

Our designing tactics consist of some important processes: - analysis, implementation, reviews, and delivery. Each step has its own significance in a project life-cycle. Majorly, they help us to maintain a schedule and deliver the desired product.

Designing on a digital platform requires special attention to the selection of tools. Advanced Designing tools are effective in creating unique designs. It’s this reason we choose advanced tools for designing your website, logo, and broachers.

Particularly, our designers have unmatched expertise on: - 

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator 
Adobe After Effect 
Adobe XD 
UI Prototype

We understand that designing is a versatile area, everyone has his/her opinion and perspective towards designing. Accordingly, we keep customers’ requirements at top of our list and instruct our designers to understand and adopt diversity in designs. 

We are your go-to people for a fabulous design of Websites, Logos, and Brochures!!!!

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