Upgrading and Installing Opensource ERP For Improved Results

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Nov 20 2020 12:00

install custom modules in OpenERP

Opensource ERP systems provide a myriad number of benefits to small and medium businesses aiming to expand and customize in future. They are easy to adapt to a variety of businesses, and thus fulfil business management needs in a quick integrated manner. Along with all these benefits, Opensource ERP upgradation is also one of the essential components to remain updated on new installations. Let us discuss how to upgrade and install an Opensource ERP in six easy steps.

1.    For latest updates and bugfixes, Opensource ERP offers minor/patch releases which are published every month. They do not require a migration process and thus are easy to be implemented.

2.    Before applying these updates on real production systems, it is important to consider that you test these updates on a staging environment/ production environment.

3.    Minor versions can be skipped, and all intermediary versions, i.e. between 6.0.6 and 6.0.15 are not required for upgrading an outdated installation.

4.    To upgrade an existing installation to a newer patch, two operations are required:

  • Installing a new code.
  • Synchronizing the existing database.

5.    For upgrading an existing installation, there are some more steps required for ideal results such as:

  • Freshly backing up all existing databases.
  • Stopping the Opensource ERP server and webservers.
  • Updating new source files and releases.
  • Locate the separate server where you installed the OpenERP server.
  • Begin startup in the server and repeat commands for each database to OpenERP installation.
  • Start the server again and see if the web server is present.

6.    A full migration is required for making these upgradations because all major releases come with specific recommendations and procedures.

Thus, you can improve and enhance your ERP performance to its best by using these upgradation and installation tools. Reach out to us for queries about ERP implementation, upgradation, and installation.

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