Odoo Enterprise Costing Perfectly Suits for Small Businesses

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Oct 02 2020 12:00

intelligence tool for a small-medium business

Enterprises in the advanced business world require latest, flexible digital tools for business integration and automation. Through Enterprise Resource Planning tools, various key business operations are completed with great productivity and efficiency, leaving no room for human inefficiencies, since we rely on technology more than humans. Furthermore, business tasks are performed quickly, and projects are delivered as per client requirements.

In this blog, we discuss why, especially Odoo ERP, is attractive to Small & Medium Enterprises. What features make it unique and remarkable amongst its competitors.

Key Advantages of using Odoo are:

1.    Affordable (way less costly than its competitors)
2.    Flexible (easily customizable as per different business requirements)
3.    Easy to Use (anyone can use it without much training)
4.    Automation (less human effort and command required leaving no room for human errors)

Technical Features and Odoo Modules:

What makes Odoo fascinating and rigorous is its modules for all business functions. We explain some significant Odoo modules below to give you a bird’s eye view.

•    Odoo Sales (provides detailed insights about daily/monthly/yearly sales and is accessible from anywhere anytime online and offline)
•    Odoo Accounting (automatically takes care of bank reconciliation, invoices, and depreciation costs)
•    Odoo HR (gives you quick access to employee performance assessment and track records as well as helps in new hiring and recruitment processes)
•    Odoo Purchase (takes care of the procurement process, vendor management, invoicing, and quotations)
•    Odoo Manufacturing (tracks your inventory and transform raw material into final products with ease and perfection)
•    Odoo Project Management (for an organization, scheduling, planning, and analyzing of projects with detailed analysis)
•    Odoo CRM (creates new leads, and helps in building good relations with clients so that they approach you again in the future)
•    Odoo Inventory (automates transactions and decreases process time with double inventory entry system)
•    Odoo Marketing (integrated marketing with social media, emails, and website blogs)

There are a whole lot of other Odoo modules as well such as Odoo Finance, Odoo E-Commerce, Odoo Website, Odoo Rental, Odoo Planning, Odoo Fleet Management, Odoo Procurement, etc. You name the module and Odoo has it, but we discussed the most important modules required for small or medium level business enterprises in this blog. If you are interested in knowing more about Odoo or any of its specific modules, reach out to us for more details.

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