Odoo ERP Webinar on Retail Management Industry

Author - ComstarISA | Mar 27 2019 01:00

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Odoo has been a point of interest for a number of industries in regard to management, and team Odoo has always tried to convey more and more information to their users by different means. Odoo community often organizes events to elaborate advantages and functionality of Odoo ERP whereas they also organize webinars for spreading awareness. The most recent webinar held by Odoo Partner manager -Daoud Naouri is about Retail management, and this is blog is an extract of that webinar. 


The webinar mainly focuses on the PoS module since every retail business highly depends upon this particular Module. Furthermore, it includes discussion on purchase, inventory and barcode application in reference to Retail management. 


Every Retail industry deals with a number of important yet complex processes of inventory and sales. These processes make ERP an essential part of the industry. 

The devices that must be present to deal with Odoo Cloud DB- IoT Box are elaborated in the  following diagram:

For the area of Database, inventory system contains one of the major roles in management. It contains all the basic information of each and every product including numbers of products available, barcode, internal references while in the purchase options, different products are linked to different or same vendors. One can easily purchase and sale items using that information in order to keep the stock for inventory and selling process in a cycle.

Moreover, the necessary part of moderate retail industry is barcode application. While using Odoo for that reason; it provides a lot of ease and accuracy by offering some simple functionalities. One does not need to put data manually anymore but just can use barcode application of Odoo, whether it is for purchase, sale or data access. For adding a new product in an inventory, there are add and edit options available to keep the record of a new product including barcode, vendors, and rules like minimum or maximum numbers of products that can be stocked.

Another interesting feature of inventory system is that one can create a couple of warehouses in order to manage the stock more efficiently. 

After covering all the database section, there is our main course that is Point of Sale (PoS). Odoo PoS environment is popular for being user-friendly. Along with the above-mentioned feature the functionalities it provides include:

• Orders

• Products

• Reporting

• Configuration

They further include sub-features like pricing, tax configurations, customers data, sales, purchase and a lot more. The most effective approach of Odoo ERP is that all of the related applications are interconnected and perform basic operations automatically. Data is always up to date while one can always get alerts and access to data without any exclusive efforts.

Retail businesses like Walmart, coffee shop, stationery stores or others can use the diverse options of inventory applications in many different manners. The more you automate your system with ERP the more efficiency + accuracy you will get.

For a complete demo follow this link and know more about Odoo:


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