Customized Offline Modules for Sales and Field Service Management

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Mar 19 2021 12:00

can odoo work offline

Do you look for offline modules to take care of effective field service management and sales in an integrated and sophisticated manner? Well, customized Odoo ERP from ISA Ltd. (Comstar) has a perfect solution for you. We will explain in this blog how customized Odoo, with the help of our enterprise, thoroughly takes care of your business processes without requiring active internet and data.

We at ISA Ltd. (Comstar) offer an offline module that works perfectly well with Odoo. This module/mobile application combination helps your mobile phone devices to operate and work even if there are no network services around. Once you enter a network service area and internet is restored, our offline mobile applications automatically synchronizes with Odoo. Thus, a field service worker or a salesman can easily take care of important tasks using Odoo in these places where internet is not available or stable.

Let’s talk about the synchronization modes and functional features of Odoo by ISA Ltd. (Comstar) offline module:

Synchronization Modes

Automatic Mode

In automatic mode, the device synchronizes with the Odoo Server quickly and remains synched when network is available. When the network is not available, the mobile device stores the information in local memory along with a time stamp. This timestamp is then used for synchronization with the server once internet is available.

Manual Mode

In manual mode, the user has the ability to request data synchronization with Odoo server. The offline application has a button, which user presses to initiate data synchronization request. The offline application uses the time stamp to determine the most recent update and use that for synchronization with the Odoo host.

Functional Features

• Sales (CRM)

Odoo offline module application provides the salesperson with the ability to create a lead and eventually convert it into an opportunity in an effective manner. A salesperson is also capable of creating a quote from this opportunity. He/she can also confirm the sales order. When he/she creates the quote, they have access to promotions, discounts, and various financing options.

• Field Service:

ISA Ltd. (Comstar)’s offline application module makes the field service persons perform their tasks at client locations. They get access to edit their tasks, start/stop the timers, and complete their worksheets in remote places. In addition, they can also create invoices, get signatures, and accept payments.

If you have any queries about Odoo and ISA Ltd. (Comstar)’s offline module and mobile application for sales and field service, reach out to us, and we will be happy to guide you and implement it for you!

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