A Drive Through-Connecting, Network Switches and Routing

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Feb 02 2022 09:45

utilizing a layer 3 switch

We are all familiar with the subject line “connecting, routing and switching”, but it might be unknown if we talk about the depth of a SWITCH or a NETWORK SWITCH which are also recognized as switching hub and bridging hub. A network switch is represented as a multiport bridge that further functions with MAC address and transfers data to multiple devices. The process from which the switch is capable of streaming data across a network (which is mostly a local area network or LAN) by indicating a received Network packet exclusively to its synced devices.

Network Switches are categorized by functioning on:

OSI layer 2 (the data link layer) Layer 2 switch requires MAC Address to transmit data to destination Layer 3 (the network layer). whereas Layer 3 works differently and requires an IP address.
Maximum switches are under the umbrella of layer 2 and are connected to devices in their surrounding network via Ethernet cables. Ethernet cables are flexible cables that can be easily inserted into the port behind the switch. Categorially these types of switches are mostly required in firms or organizations that deal with a large number of devices.

Whereas Routers (Wifi devices) are hardware and the source of routing to one or many other routers, they work through receiving packets labelled with information in its routing tables which is read by the head router and then sent further to its destinated router. In simpler words: Just like an escort in a theatre who checks your ticket for seat number and guides likewise, a router does this millions of times just in a second, handling millions of packets.

Fun Fact:

This entire networking process is known as Connecting; from start to finish, we are all in some form of connection, be it physical or virtual. Building or maintaining connections is the sole core function of networking. A few of its main characters can be devices, routers, switches, cables etc.

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