Impact of IoT on ERP Systems

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Jun 18 2021 12:00

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Connected devices and smart technology, or what is also called the IoT (Internet of Things) are going to be the future of technology. For instance, your smart shoes will be connected to your intelligent fridges at home and to your smartphones that you always have with you. You can make an order about shoes from your smart shoes or look for dairy products on smart fridges, and you can keep track of all these transactions directly from your phone. Not only this connected technology will influence your daily life, but it will also have definite implications for the conventional ERP systems and their human-to-human and human-to-machine handling of various business operations. Thus, ERP systems would need to reform their traditional modules in order to keep track of updated technologies. At the moment, ERP systems are remarkably beneficial for easy customization and flexibility of various ERP modules such as sales, PoS, marketing, HR, e-commerce, Customer Relationship Management, and others that manage your business in a wholesome manner.

These ERP models are definitely a substantial cost-saving facet of small, medium, and large business enterprises. Still, the point is they need to update their systems to advanced technological changes so that they are able to manage machine-to-machine operations with least or no human involvement.

In the future, the real-time visual data analysis will leave less or no room for conventional data collection and analysis on registers or in heavy computer files. Furthermore, with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence), self-driving and self-management of the economy will become a new norm while making all business processes fully automated and reducing the probability of human error to a minimum. For all these technological advancements in the IoT, we want you to regularly update your ERP systems so that when machine-to-machine business management becomes a norm, you already have some basic preparation and knowledge instead of lagging behind in the industry.

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