Human Resource Management System

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odoo HR management system

Odoo Human Resource Management System performs a variety of human resource tasks without relying on the physical mode of HR management. There are various types of HR modules within Odoo. 

Let us explain how they perform a variety of functions:

·   Recruitment Module (helps in the management of hiring new individuals, taking care of employee CVs and letters, and managing job vacancies).
·   Employee Module (helps in gathering department-wise employees’ information and then storing it at one place to track records).
·   Attendance Module (helps in keeping track of employees’ attendance and working hours that he/she spends on a specific project).
·   Leaves Module (helps in taking care of employees’ casual leaves, sick leaves, and other holidays, etc., with “leave summary” and “leave request” options).
·   Payroll Module (helps in keeping track of employees’ salaries, taxes, health insurance, and other allowances).
·   Timesheet Module (helps in supervisor’s management of certain tasks supposed to be performed during a period of time).
·   Survey Module (helps in creating surveys related to employees’ evaluation, about user feedback, and thus adds value to the organization).

Thus, all these modules, i.e., recruitment, employees’ information, attendance, leaves, payroll, timesheets, and surveys, phenomenally cater to the HR Management System for your small, medium, and large enterprises.

Role of Odoo ERP in Human Resource Management During the Pandemic.








You can easily hire new employees, train them, and manage other HR processes effectively taken care of online with sophistication and ease.
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