We work with responsibility of being a secondary resource of advanced digital Services and Managed business solutions

Information Systems Associates Limited (Comstar) has a complete package of business-oriented services. Our services help your business to make a transition to digital platform and improve the overall experience. ISA (Comstar) eliminates reliance on extra efforts and helps you to work smart in your way. Our focus is to offer services which are more efficient than lengthy yet fulfils all requirements. Besides, our work promotes higher transparency and full auditability with high levels of customer services.

• Managed Services

Keep your primary goal in a spotlight and leave rest of the management on us by utilizing our managed outsourcing services.

• IT security

Data security is a necessary need for any business. We understand its influences and importance and provide you with Infosec consultancy and solutions to make sure your sensitive data is safe and sound.

• Network

ISA (Comstar) network services include all steps of advanced network installations to and maintaining proficient communication as well as transmission of data with high quality and speed.

Our services are not only about doing business. It’s an urge to find new ways, solve problems and accelerate growth with an exciting experience.

ISA (Comstar) customer services are available 24/7 to assist you and answer your queries. Just switch the tab and connect with us.