Odoo Account Cryptocurrency Features, Specification, and Integration

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Oct 26 2021 06:55

odoo cryptocurrency modules

Odoo, over the years, has shown to be the market leader in the world of ERP software, especially in the case of small and medium enterprises. In a fast-moving world with the new value of cryptocurrency, it is paving the way to becoming the alternative of physical money. Investopedia.com defines cryptocurrency as a decentralized "digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security", making it difficult to counterfeit.  As cryptocurrency has nothing to do with a particular government or country, it is an excellent asset for those countries with fluctuating currencies. So, in a world of cryptocurrency, where does your company stand? How would your enterprise handle crypto-based transactions?

Odoo has come to disrupt the ERP market with an Account Cryptocurrency module essentially supporting the cryptocurrency world. When you research online about ERP and cryptocurrency, you will not find much, as most ERP software's have not created the systems to support cryptocurrencies. In comparison, Odoo was up for the challenge!

Odoo holds no bounds in terms of satisfying its clients' needs; that's why it was inevitable it would create a system that would support your or your client's crypto money. If you have a business website dealing with cryptocurrency transactions, especially bitcoin, then Odoo will help facilitate your needs. The module offers multiple payment options for your customers with QR code, wallet and manual payment, to name a few. 

The following further explains what ALL Odoo can do in all thing's cryptocurrency: 

•    -Configure Odoo to enable the use of cryptocurrencies
•    -Synchronize cryptocurrencies exchange rates from the coin market cap
•    -Register customer invoices and payments using a cryptocurrency
•    -Register vendor bills and expenses using a cryptocurrency 

There are all kinds of cryptocurrencies in the market, and Odoo does not play favourites. You or your client won't need to limit yourselves on the selection or preference of your cryptocurrency. The Odoo support team just requests that you do your research and understand the consequences of the selected cryptocurrency as the market is vast and you have so much to choose from. The more you know, the better choice you will make, hopefully preventing fewer problems in the future.  

Once you are satisfied with your decision, let Odoo take over for all your ERP- Crypto money needs!

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