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ISA Ltd. (Comstar) especially excels in various fields of expertise to improve your business productivity and efficiency. We are Odoo experts especially for manufacturing, accounting & finance, warehouse, HR, project management, CRM, e-Commerce, sales, and purchase.
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Odoo is a notable 21st-century solution for all your small and medium business enterprises. It easily integrates and automates your manual and conventional business management processes and thus makes your business more profitable and effective. Considering its excellent features, we at ISA Ltd. (Comstar) especially excel in implementing Odoo for accounting and finance, warehouse management, manufacturing, human resource, project management, PoS, e-commerce, website, CRM, sales, and purchase.

Accounting & Finance: This module makes budget management, tax management, depreciation analysis, payment processes, and intelligence reports using the latest technological tools for quick decision making easier than ever. Reach out to us for Odoo Accounting & Finance implementation because our Odoo experts have years of experience in implementing, and they know all the nitty-gritty of Odoo Accounting & Finance.

Warehouse Management: This module thoroughly takes care of warehouse and inventory and makes it look so easy. Obviously, inventory and warehouse management is a complicated task, but Comstar’s Odoo experts implement Odoo warehouse and inventory easily and effectively to increase your business profitability.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing is also automated like other business modules, and its management becomes easier than ever with Odoo. Our Odoo experts at Comstar help you easily streamline business operations, share information across all business sectors while enhancing business workflows.

Human Resource: Want to recruit quickly and effectively yet with transparency and rigorousness? Odoo HR should be your choice. Our Odoo experts at Comstar manage and implement all your HR processes effectively to improve human management and evaluation to increase your business productivity.

Project Management: Looking for an experienced ERP implementer and integrated ERP solution to manage your projects at a reasonable cost? Reach out to Comstar, and we will do it for you since we have Odoo experts doing that for years.

Point of Sale: Want an integrated and cost-effective PoS for your business to have quick access and management options for sales anywhere anytime? Odoo PoS is your solution, and reach out to us at ISA Ltd. (Comstar) for easy implementation with top-class Odoo experts.

E-Commerce & Website: E-Commerce and website solutions are required by all business enterprises in the world under the control of social media. We at Comstar offer you easy yet integrated and sophisticated website management, website building, and e-commerce website solutions through Odoo ERP. Reach out to us for implementation.

CRM: Want effective and robust customer relationship management to turn primary leads into long-term clients? We have a perfect solution for you at Comstar in the form of Odoo CRM. Reach out to us for easy implementation at an effective cost.

Sales: Odoo offers outstanding sales solutions with Odoo Sales. It helps you increase sales, automate workflows, streamline business operations along with top-class extensive analytical abilities, which help in significant decision-making. Reach out to Comstar for easy implementation of Odoo Sales.

Purchase: Want to ease the purchasing process for your customers so that your profit increases and your business process becomes easier? Use Odoo ERP as it will also help you manage supply chain processes to boost sales and productivity. Reach out to us for easy implementation of Odoo Purchase at an effective cost.

Odoo Consulting Services by ISA Comstar Ltd. Pakistan (Silver Partner).

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Experts in the field of manufacturing, accounting & finance, warehouse, HR, project management, CRM, e-commerce, sales, and purchase with Odoo ERP.
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