Change Management for ERP Implementation

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Jul 01 2020 05:40
Briefing employees about challenges and benefits of ERP solutions along with discussing how to bring that change should be a normal practice. A detailed communication plan also seems useful in this regard. Read more


Implement Odoo ERP and Transform your Business Today

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Dec 20 2019 05:00
ERP implementation, its process, challenges, and practices have become easier and more beneficial than ever as it offers requirement analysis, solution design, configuration, training and operations. Read more


Insights That Must Be Known Before Implementing Cloud ERP

by ComstarISA | Published on: Jan 24 2019 03:00
Cloud ERP systems are advanced and efficient approach towards technology, but in regard to healthcare, the implementation of cloud ERP has quite issues need to resolve before shifting healthcare institutions to it. Read more


Operational Route Accounting ERP Software: Benefits and Obstacles

by ComstarISA | Published on: May 01 2018 12:08
Operational Route Accounting ERP software is adopted for such purposes. Indeed, it is an essential tool in increasing sales by aiding the enterprises with appropriate solutions for business management. Read more
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