Network Security Products to Work-from-Home in the Covid-19 World

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Jun 11 2020 04:00
Sophos, sangfor, hillstone, and VPN prove to be efficient and cost-effective as they provide network security at home. they are reliable, secure, and provide a better performance, network security products, types of networks. Read more


Implement Odoo ERP and Transform your Business Today

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Dec 20 2019 05:00
ERP implementation, its process, challenges, and practices have become easier and more beneficial than ever as it offers requirement analysis, solution design, configuration, training and operations. Read more

IT Security

Artificial Intelligence and its Various Forms of Information Acquisition

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Dec 13 2019 05:00
Artificial Intelligence is growing day in and day out. It has four most significant forms such as reactive machines, limited memory, the theory of mind and self-consciousness. Read more


Former Google Executive will Lead Digital Pakistan Vision Campaign

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Dec 06 2019 05:00
Pakistan takes another step forward in Digitalizing the country. The new Digital Pakistan program aims to achieve wonders for the country in future. Read more


Structured Cabling System Provides A Comprehensive Networking Infrastructure

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Nov 29 2019 10:00
CommScope provides strong network connections on the ground, in buildings and through the air. It operates in three key sectors: Internet of Things, Seamless Connectivity, and 5G implementation. Read more


How Network Switches Help in Visibility and Connectivity?

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Nov 22 2019 05:00
Progress IPSwitches not only help in providing visibility and connectivity to your network systems but they, in the form of WhatsUp Gold, also provide sophisticated integration with other APIs to automate your workload. Read more
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