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Pakistan’s e-Commerce Policy Framework for Digital Shopping

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Oct 03 2019 04:00
Nine key characteristics of Pakistan’s new policy regarding e-commerce promise a key step towards economic development. It will also encourage investors and youth to get promoted from technological development in Pakistan. Read more


VSAT Technology Services Internet Solutions

by ComstarISA | Published on: Jun 08 2018 01:00
VSAT technology is satellite communications solution that serves home & business users. This technology offers an alternative connectivity option. With global coverage through a network innovation of satellites. Read more

Web Services

What Does Digital Media Strategy Do for Any Business

by ComstarISA | Published on: Jun 07 2018 11:00
Digital media services have become a vital strategy for the success of businesses, consulting expertise & unified platform orchestrates messaging and marketing communications across the variety of distribution styles and devices. Read more


Overview of Odoo Expense Management

by ComstarISA | Published on: Jun 06 2018 09:00
ODOO is all-in-one management software that offers a range of business applications that from a complete suite of ERP targeting companies of all sizes to customize the activities authentically and efficiently. Read more

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Corporate Security is Top Priority

by ComstarISA | Published on: Jun 04 2018 05:00
Network security for any kind of business industry is essential to provide its employee & clients with the assurance of protecting private & confidential information from being corrupted or hacked for felonious activities. Read more

IT Security

Importance of Information and Communication Technology

by ComstarISA | Published on: May 29 2018 10:00
Information & communication technology more commonly known as the system consisting of various hardware and software programs associated with web connections from common desktop computer to the military defensive mechanism. Read more
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