Odoo Apps for Operations and Business Management

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Apr 02 2021 12:30
Want to manage, automate, and integrate your business at an effective cost with Odoo Operations Apps? Reach out to us for odoo operation module implementation. Read more


Corporate Business Software Capable of Covering all Industries

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Feb 19 2021 12:00
Thinking that why you should use Odoo for business automation and integration for any type of business industries offering all modules and functions integrated into a single solution. This blog explains it all! Read more

IT Security

Data Breach Control and Vulnerability Management with Barracuda

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Nov 06 2020 12:00
Concerned about application security, API safety and blocking malicious bots? Barracuda Web Application Firewall has it all. Read more


Advanced Overview of Fiber Optic Cable Uses

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Oct 30 2020 12:00
Want to get rid of costly copper cables and their slow networking response? Fiber optics are designed for you. Get them installed soon! Read more
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