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Sophos XG Firewall

The world's best visibility, protection, and response.

stop unknown threats

Sophos XG Firewall provides unprecedented visibility into your network, users, and applications directly from the control center. You also get rich on-box reporting and the option to add Sophos iView for centralized reporting across multiple firewalls.

Synchronized Safeguard Encryption

Manage Full Disk Encryption with Sophos Central Compliance, Reporting, and Management.

protect encrypted data

The easiest way to manage Windows BitLocker and macOS FileVault full disk encryption is with Sophos Central Device Encryption. It offers a three-click policy setup, no key management servers to install, compliance and reporting features, and self-service key recovery for your users.

Sophos Intercept End Point Security

Unmatched endpoint protection Recommended from Industry Experts.

exploit prevention

Modern and Traditional Techniques Combined to stop the widest range of threats, Sophos Intercept X employs a comprehensive defense-in-depth approach to endpoint protection rather than simply relying on one primary security technique.

Sophos Email Security Filtration

Predictive Cloud Email Security Protects and Blocks Stealth Attacks from Phishing Fraud.

latest threat intelligence

Smarter Email Security with AI Today’s email threats move fast, and growing businesses need predictive email security – defeating today’s threats with an eye on tomorrow.

Sophos Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Secure Unified Endless Management to Track A Source, Medium, And Campaign Name.

effective at blocking evasive threats

The Ultimate Security Package Proven protection for your network – simpler, faster, better. SG UTM is future-proof and can be upgraded to Synchronized Security when you're ready.

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